Work ‘experience’

At the moment I am doing some ‘work experience’ at a post production house, originally intended to help me break into the media industry.  Unpaid internships like this are absolutely essential in most industries now, with some people working unpaid for up to a year or two just for the chance to be considered for […]

Composition with recorded material from London soundscapes

A while ago I composed a set of five pieces under the heading ‘Foreign Objects’.  My intention was to juxtapose recorded natural and man-made sounds with synthesised instruments.  Each piece is set in a different environment, for instance No.1 is on the London Underground, and No.2 is at a building site: I have then taken […]

Sonic Geographies and Composition Competitions

I stumbled upon two competitions recently that may be of interest to people reading this blog: The first is Musicworks magazine’s 2nd Annual Sonic Geography Writing Contest, the details of which you can find here The second is the Vox Novus 60×60 Composition Competition – it’s only a minute of music, and there are […]

We regret to advise you that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.

A few months ago I applied for the BBC Production Talent Pool, which is the only route to the BBC Production Trainee Scheme, an eighteen month placement scheme within the BBC. It was a long-winded application process with budgeting, analysis and programme pitch sections. Altogether I probably spent approximately six hours completing it, but didn’t […]

SuperCollider? No, it’s not a video game…

Although anyone who isn’t really into computers or audio would usually think so.  SuperCollider is a programming language, used for audio synthesis and composition, and at first glance it looks like your computer has become confused and is just generating random symbols.  For example, this {, 0, 0.3)}.play just means “play middle C.”  Understandably it […]