My day as a boom operator

The creative industries are notoriously difficult to break into, and these days unpaid work experience is pretty much a requirement to secure even a runner job.  Last November I had the opportunity to help out on a shoot for Dragonfly (, a Film and TV Production company based in London. They recently produced Channel 4’s “Terror At Sea: The Sinking of the Costa Concordia” in just two weeks, a time frame that is virtually unheard of. I know the production manager, and she assures me that it was no easy task!

The day that I joined them, the team were working on location for a shoot at Addison Lee head office, where they were pioneering a “bring your baby to work” scheme in the UK. It had been successful within companies in the US, and definitely has its advantages, but not all of the staff were particularly pleased about the addition of toddlers to their offices!

I acted boom operator, a role which has disappeared from many production crews. Cameramen and women are now often recording the audio themselves thanks to lower budgets for productions. So despite the fact that I probably got in the way most of the time, they were quite pleased to have an extra pair of arms for the day! It does make me worry about all those audio jobs that are suddenly disappearing…


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