Noise, silence, contemplation.

As I mentioned in my first post, this blog was originally to be about sound for Film and TV, but though I am still interested in that area of audio, I have a new sound-related ‘calling’.

While writing my undergraduate dissertation on the effects of ambient noise on listening habits, I began to think a lot more about soundscapes.  I have always been noise sensitive and am usually aware of every sound that I hear, which I have discovered is fairly uncommon.  But in my attempts to gain experience in the world of sound for TV and film, I found myself becoming obsessed with ‘real’ sound – the sounds I hear everyday in London, not the processed, manipulated sound accompanying moving images.  I kept thinking about how noisy our cities have become, and about ways in which the sonic environment could be improved.  I stumbled across a postgraduate programme in Environmental and Architectural Acoustics at London South Bank University, and am happy to say that I will be starting there in September.

So I am hoping to ‘make a difference’ to our soundscapes and to contribute to the growing field of acoustic ecology, following in the footsteps of, among others, R Murray Schafer and Barry Truax of the World Soundscape Project.  Many audiophiles, musicians and composers would be familiar with these names, but I would encourage anyone newly interested in these concepts to begin with a recently published book by Bernie Krause entitled The Great Animal Orchestrawhich you can buy here on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Noise, silence, contemplation.

  1. Hi – Glad to see others are talking about noise and sound and society.
    I just finished George Prochnik’s book “In Pursuit of Silence”. I recommend it. The program at university sounds very interesting.

  2. Oh thanks for reminding me, I saw that title a couple of weeks ago and wanted to read it. Garret Keizer’s book that you recommended looks interesting too. Yes I’m really looking forward to the course, I’ll definitely be posting about it. They actually have a blog if you’re interested –
    I was glad to find your blog, it’s nice to know other people are as noise-sensitive as me!

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