Sonic Geographies and Composition Competitions

I stumbled upon two competitions recently that may be of interest to people reading this blog:

The first is Musicworks magazine’s 2nd Annual Sonic Geography Writing Contest, the details of which you can find here

The second is the Vox Novus 60×60 Composition Competition – it’s only a minute of music, and there are loads of different categories for submissions, so any composers out there should be able to knock something out, enter here http://www.60×

Both deadlines are very soon, but worth a go.  It’s always nice to have work published/performed.

4 thoughts on “Sonic Geographies and Composition Competitions

  1. Really nice piece, it’s kind of reminiscent Aphex Twin, do you like his stuff? Some really great stuff on your blog too. I loved your idea of forgotten man-made objects in nature. My piece for the Vox Novus drew on similar ideas – I used recorded material from natural and man-made sources and layered MIDI instruments on top. For the ‘real music’ I used the recorded sounds as the tonal basis – I got the frequencies and pitch bended the notes. I struggle to make it sound as ‘musical’ as I would like to though, I’d like it not to be so obvious that it’s recorded material – your stuff has a more musical flow.

    • Thanks. I like Aphex Twin I have his double CD album Drukqs which is really nice. Is your Vox Novus entry online anywhere? I’d like to hear what you made and interested in your approach to that idea.

      • Drukqs is great, Vordhosbn is one of my favourite tracks. I’ve just posted the set of pieces that I composed with that approach; No.5 is a longer version of the piece I submitted to Vox Novus. Let me know what you think!

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