iPhone as Sound Level Meter

Since many sound enthusiasts aren’t too keen on spending a few thousand pounds on an SLM, I thought I’d take the opportunity to review two iPhone apps currently available that serve the same purpose:

The first is Faber Acoustical SoundMeter – £13.99, and the second is Studio Six Digital AudioTools – £6.99.  Both have Fast, Slow and Impulse options, with A, C or Z weighting, along with peak, Lmax and Leq.  Both, when paired with MicW i436 (which you can buy here for about an extra £80), produce almost exactly the same results while measuring (to within 0.5 dB).  However my advice is don’t buy Faber!  Totally not user friendly, incredibly tiresome to try and calibrate, and just completely bonkers.  A fraction of the price of a professional SLM, but about ten times the headache.

If you want the real thing but don’t have a massive budget, get one of these.

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