Today Southampton Solent University hosted a conference about Noise in Entertainment and Music.  It was a nice mix of attendees with acoustic consultants, musicians, sound engineers and environmental health officers.  The different perspectives allowed everyone to gain more of an insight into noise management for gigs.  I hadn’t known until today that:

The Noise Council Code of Conduct 1995 describes ‘MNLs’ or ‘Music Noise Levels’, which are the LAeqs due to music at a distance of 1m from the facade of the nearest residence.

‘Aermonix’ is a smartphone app from the US that, using high density wifi, allows users far from the front of a gig to listen (through earphones) to the sound accurately synched to the performance onstage.  Doesn’t appeal to me, since I don’t want to wear earphones at a gig, but interesting.

Vienna’s ‘Golden Hall‘ is an excellent example of a well-performing suspended ceiling.

Diplacusis is a hearing condition in which pitch perception between the two ears is distorted, and is obviously devastating for musicians and other professionals who rely on the ability to judge pitch.

Women’s ear canals are a different shape to men’s, apparently ours curve upwards, so a great deal of conventional earplugs won’t fit as well.  On the topic of earplugs, Advanced Communication Solutions make some nice ones.

Some more info can be found here and here.  And my favourite part of the day was receiving this – a tiny sound level meter USB stick!


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