Chasing Sound

Last week I went to see the documentary Chasing Ice at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios.  It is an excellent film that follows the attempts of James Balog and his team to photograph receding glaciers in Alaska, Greenland and other parts of the Northern hemisphere.  At one stage during the process Balog poignantly suggested that his photographs […]

iPhone as Sound Level Meter

Since many sound enthusiasts aren’t too keen on spending a few thousand pounds on an SLM, I thought I’d take the opportunity to review two iPhone apps currently available that serve the same purpose: The first is Faber Acoustical SoundMeter – £13.99, and the second is Studio Six Digital AudioTools – £6.99.  Both have Fast, […]

Improvised gestural instruments, Hang playing, and a Moog.

I was reading this post by Binary Heap, and remembered an interesting project I had stumbled upon a few months ago – turning jelly into musical instruments.  I always wanted an instrument I could eat… Anyway, here’s the link.  Using the same general idea but with gaming instead of music is this, a device that […]