There seems to be a lot of energy in the world of sound/visual installations these days.  I’ve just recently been on a tour of Illustrious studios, which is run by Martyn Ware of The Human League fame.  They have been designing “3D soundscapes” for 14 years, and a lot of the time interact with visual installations […]

Field Studies Course at London Metropolition University

The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology facebook page posted a while ago about a four-day Field Studies course from 10-13 September this year.  It is run by a research group within London Metropolitan called Musarc, which is concerned with sound and architecture.  From what I can see it consists of masterclasses with different sound artists, […]

I Eat My Words

I have been neglecting this blog recently, but have been pretty busy so I thought I’d just post a few entries at once.  The work experience I was doing at the post production house turned into an actual paid job – next time I won’t be so quick to rant – which kept me busy […]

Work ‘experience’

At the moment I am doing some ‘work experience’ at a post production house, originally intended to help me break into the media industry.  Unpaid internships like this are absolutely essential in most industries now, with some people working unpaid for up to a year or two just for the chance to be considered for […]

Composition with recorded material from London soundscapes

A while ago I composed a set of five pieces under the heading ‘Foreign Objects’.  My intention was to juxtapose recorded natural and man-made sounds with synthesised instruments.  Each piece is set in a different environment, for instance No.1 is on the London Underground, and No.2 is at a building site: I have then taken […]