There seems to be a lot of energy in the world of sound/visual installations these days.  I’ve just recently been on a tour of Illustrious studios, which is run by Martyn Ware of The Human League fame.  They have been designing “3D soundscapes” for 14 years, and a lot of the time interact with visual installations […]

Neuron Noise

Yesterday I visited the Barbican for their Brain Waves Weekender, a range of exhibitions fusing art with neuroscience.  Along with a kid-friendly dissection of a jelly brain and an invitation to knit a neuron, the event featured two sound-related demonstrations. The first was Music of the Mind – a performance by Finn Peters, Prof Mark […]

iPhone as Sound Level Meter

Since many sound enthusiasts aren’t too keen on spending a few thousand pounds on an SLM, I thought I’d take the opportunity to review two iPhone apps currently available that serve the same purpose: The first is Faber Acoustical SoundMeter – £13.99, and the second is Studio Six Digital AudioTools – £6.99.  Both have Fast, […]

Improvised gestural instruments, Hang playing, and a Moog.

I was reading this post by Binary Heap, and remembered an interesting project I had stumbled upon a few months ago – turning jelly into musical instruments.  I always wanted an instrument I could eat… Anyway, here’s the link.  Using the same general idea but with gaming instead of music is this, a device that […]